the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train


grump grump whinge whine moan. There, I feel better now!

So, why grumpy?

My wrists hurt like fury and if I do more than half an hour of massage my thumbs are so painful I can’t move them. So no escape into a better paid job doing something I actually like then.

It’s still not clear if the play barn will continue trading. I’d love to take them to a tribunal for the unpaid holidays. It’s illegal, but as the law stands, it’s up to the individual employee to take them to tribunal, there’s no way in law to enforce or punish over this other than sticking your own precious neck out and hoping to God that your boss doesn’t turn round and fire you on some spurious charge. And it’s not like jobs are easy to come by so these people know damned well that no one is going to rock the boat.

We won’t know for another 2 months if Duke is going to have a job and if so where it will be. It depends on a contract that the business is bidding on – if they get it then they stay where they are (15 min drive), if they don’t then they can carry on doing what they do now but at Hinkley (a few hours drive each way) or retrain to do “supply logistics” at Elesmere port (about an hour away) or take redundancy. Duke plus one other have been asked to go to Hinkley every day for several weeks (all expenses paid) to train up the people who will take over their jobs, after which there will be a “significant thank you” which Duke takes to mean money and I take to mean a nice pat on the back and a redundancy cheque. If they go to Elesmere Port then they get travel expenses for the first year but will be “on probation” as it’s a different job, contract, holding company etc so no security. If he has a sudden flurry of migraines he will almost certainly not be looked on kindly. Duke has registered his interest with a temp agency to work where the bloke next door but one works – it’s a 2k salary drop for 12 months (but options to do overtime at fairly good rates after 3 months) followed by a very good pay increase. Assuming he gets the job of course…. He won’t contenance moving house to something cheaper/closer to EPort.

the Red Cross have failed to pay me for February (about £60) and April (closer to £200) which doesn’t look like much money but I booked a trip to get Aprilia screened by Ian Jordan on the strength of having that £200 to pay for the trip and go a long way towards the glasses/tinted lenses she probably needs. I’d hoped to have neough to pay for a report that the GP may actually take some notice of but actually, what with other lights being turned off that’s probably not so much of an issue now.

The government are planning on reducing by 20% the number of people claiming disability benefits. This means that poeple like Aprilia who are not exactly “disabled” but certainly never going to be able to function fully as an able bodied person are screwed. By taking away middle rate carers element they are taking away the basic criteria for that person claiming carer’s allowance for someone (like a parnt who needs to stay at home to deal with them or professional carer who comes in to do those simple things in life like their cleaning which they would struggle to do for themselves) This also potentially means that many parents who currently are protected from being “helped back to work” due to caring responsibilities are at risk. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you can work, I think you should at least make an effort before holding out your hand for benefits. But, if you ahve a child who is ill a lot so you need to go and fetch them home from school a lot/take time off to nurse etc you are not going to be a good employment prospect. It also means that we do not have a cat in hells chance of winning any appeal to our rejection for DLA as we do not have enough professionals saying she needs help. This would be because she’s not in school and causing problems. She’s asked if she can re-join the Guides where her GP is the leader “so that Alex can see how much I hurt all the time, then she might tell the DLA” She left after she was knocked over (accidentally) during a game and no one noticed that she could barely walk afterwards – when I took her boot off her foot was black and blue – the official response was that she needed to tell someone if she was injured….. you know I’m sure I discussed her inablilty to talk to adults when stressed…. but I got the impression that really the underlying response was that I am an overprotective woman with a spoilt brat of a child. Maybe they are right. Maybe it’s just because on the surface she’s so damned normal and capable most of the time. I don’t know.

I have an essay due in 5 days, I have 2,500 words of total claptrap which ties itself in knots and it makes up a full 50% of my final score so if I blow this one then all those 70-80% scores all year are for nothing.

I’m tired but when Aprilia isn’t waking me up, I’m waking myself up for some reason and not getting back to sleep

Of course, this is all minor stuff, I readily accept that. Doesn’t make me any less grumpy though!


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