two stories


trying to tip stuff out of my head about the feud between a friend and a collegue.  I am getting 2 stories, from the same person, depending on which way teh wind is blowing or who is in the room.  I don’t like being caught in the middle of this crap but more than that I don’t like being lied to.

At some point last year (I didn’t think to record it at the time so now I have no idea of the date although I could possibly find it out) whilst working overnights with JB, PG came calling with his wife having been in the area for PG’s retiring from the St John party.  They fell to talking about their favourite subject, slagging off RB.  During the course of the conversation one of them said that they would be angry if RB “got off” with a suspension or reprimant and the other agreed.  I can’t remember which side said what but both were in obvious agreement.   On Monday morning this week JB claimed that he had not wanted things to go to the HPC and was happy with having recieved his refund but his hand was forced as he was the “discoverer” of the original issue and thus he had to carry it on as other people had made complaints relating to the same issue.  So either he was lying to string PG along or lying to me on Monday.

Same conversation… PG was boasting that he had spoken to Anglesey circuit and told them that RB was no longer allowed to practice as a paramedic and that, because of this conversation, they were not going to use him again.  JB spoke in an aproving manner about this action and said that even though the public register said that RB was registered and did not say anything about any complaint that people should be paying a significant fee to the HPC in order to get hold of files to check up on the full history of any registrant before using their services and also that RB should not be working at all and that PG was doing the right thing by telling everyone that RB should not be working.  At the time RB was not under suspension, in fact he was allowed to continue working up until the day of his hearing yesterday.   The HPC website is clear on the fact that if a complaint is made that is considered serious enough that the public need to be protected then there can be an interim order made to suspend the registrant and that otherwise the registrant is free to continue to practice.  This stance of total intolerance is also at odds with the statement he made to me on Monday about how he felt he wanted the hearing to go.

Moving on.  A figure of £40k has been repeatedly bandied round at Oulton with regard to the ammount of money he had taken.  This figure was confirmed to me on Monday by JB.  The figure stated in evidence to the HPC was in fact  under £4k.  And yes, I know, it’s still a lot of money and he still should not have done it but it’s just one more lie told against him to me.

On Monday JB told me that at no point had he ever involved the police, one of the popular rumours round OP was that just as soon as the HPC were finished with him then the police were going to charge him with fraud and were merely biding their time.  Now, lets pass over any thoughts of the unlikelyhood of the police waiting on a professional register to do their stuff before rolling in.  In the record of the evidence presented by JB to the HPC it states that he consulted with the police during the dispute in 2008.

On Monday JB told me that he had had a stand up row in front of witnesses 3 months before the “discovery” during which he told RB something on the lines of he would see RB destroyed if he crossed him again.  This was told to me to assure me that, as it was in relation to some other issue (the details of which I can’t remember) that RB’s subsequent accusation that this complaint and persecution were part of his campaign to destroy RB was nonsense as it was a seperate issue.  Personally I see it as he saw the oportunity he had been waiting for but my personal opinion isn’t relevent.  What is relevent is that in his evedence JB stated that he had no previous animosity towards RB, so either he lied to me or to the panel.

I’m sure ther were other things said but I’m tired.  I may update this as I remember stuff (I really need a bit of sleep…) but I think it will do for now.

As an asside the HPC thinks that he had no mental health problems before these alegations were made and thus did not take any account of any mental health issues in his actions.  Now, I don’t happen to think that his long term mental health issues had anything to do with him being bloody stupid and charging a levy for getting very cheap insurance for everyone (which even with the levy was still very much cheaper than they would get otherwise) but I find it laughable that they don’t think that someone whose nickname at Oulton was Kilo7 (radio code for mental illness) for many years and who left the ambulance service a good long time ago after suffering PTSD had no mental health issues before 2 years ago 🙄


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