In the words of the Lord High Executioner…


I’ve got a little list, and no one shall be missed. Actually there’s only one extra person being added to the list today, although the adults who talked and giggled through the 2 minutes silence get an honourable mention.

someone who earns more than £30k, has no mortgage and drived a “midlife crisis” convertable car should not expect sympathy from me for the CSA requiring just under £400 per month towards the upkeep of his autistic son. Nor did I feel terribly much like agreeing that his ex wife is a benefit cheat for chosing to stay at home so that she is there when said son (who is higher functioning but who is fairly hopeless at looking after things like door keys etc) gets home from school.

He didn’t get much sympathy for “not sleeping” all night either seeing as every time I woke up he was snoring loudly on the next cot (just out of reach so I couldn’t retailate…..)

And if he mops the back of my ambulance with a dripping wet mop on a cold wet day again I am not going to be responsible for where that mop ends up…. (cos I had to drive home with the window open because it was the only way to keep the windows unfogged, it was still so damned wet inside nearly 12 hours later)

But he is partially forgiven as he was in such a rush to leg it at the end of the day that he left an entire wedge of white stilton with apricots in the fridge which will do dreadful things to my diet but I just don’t care!


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