limited sympathy


Duke now has my cough/cold.  I’ve been telling him all week to sleep away from me, even offered for me to inhabit the living room so he could sleep in the proper bed.  Also been telling him to up the vitamin c etc.  Oh, and to go to bed at a reasonable time (partly because then he doesn’t disturb ME when he’s settling down just as I’m drifting off and partly because beign tired doesn’t sit well with a cold.)   This has all been dismissed as me being that silly woman he married trying to tell him something.  Sigh.

He started with it on Thursday but confidently carried on staying up later than he should and not taking any vitamins to compensate for the total lack of vitamins in his diet because it wasn’t going to affect him as badly as it affected me now was it.  And besides, I’ve been to Asda and purchased the correct cough medicine so he wasn’t going to have to struggle for several days like I had to before getting hold of something that worked.

Yesterday evening I offered to do Oulton for him today as I’m feeling fairly recovered, weary but not ill anymore, whereas he looked decidedly second hand, but no, he would be fine.  What he really meant was that today was the last chance he would get to have a nosey at what work is being planned for the track over the next 3 or 4 weeks whilst there is nothing going round it so regardless of how shitty he felt he was going to go and inflict his germs on everyone.  He came home in a foul temper which he repeatedly took out on Aprilia whenever she had the temerity to be happy and giggly.  He is now on the sofa bed having decided he was too comfortable to come up to bed but isn’t setting his alarm because he is going to be too ill to go to work in the morning.  Which is interesting considering that Duke wouldn’t phone anyone or organise anything for me on Tuesday evening to cover for the Rainbow party that I knew damned well I wasn’t going to be well enough the next day for because I didn’t know I was still going to be rough after a good night’s sleep really did I?


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