what happens when you get pressured into buying….


Duke wanted to get a smaller tent for the 3 of us for single nights away.  I looked at the money and said no.  Or well, if you insist but it has to be a SMALL tent and pointed out a rather nice looking Khyam Sherpa available quite cheaply that would fit the 3 of us comfortably although wouldn’t allow us to stand up (which for 1 or 2 nights is really acceptable isn’t it?) and would also be practical as a tent for just me to use for Guider weekends without it looking bloody silly!  So, before I could change my mind, or horror of horrors, get it delivered and thus not have a chance to be persuaded to get something else, he whisked us all off to the camping shop.  They didn’t have any of the ones I wanted to look at pitched up, nor did they have a Sherpa in the shop but they did have it at the warehouse from where it could be delivered to me for the princely sum of a fiver.  But there was this other 4 man tent you see…. much better design….nice big living area and he can stand up it in!  Shall we gloss over the extra cost?  And the fact that Royal isn’t a name I’ve heard of and I’d already sworn after the leaky Argos tent that we weren’t buying brands I don’t have confidence in ever again?  Adn so it’s bought, along with the footprint groundsheet, I managed to put my foot down about the carpet…..

So here, in all it’s glory are the faults I found the hard way, when it was pitched up at the weekend, a long way from home and with nowhere else to sleep.


those holes are where a seam has been taken out and re-sewn, and just to add insult to injury, the seam tape doesn’t even properly cover the proper seam, let alone the holes.  Need I say there was a small puddle under that fault even though we only had a light drizzle?


and again, on a totally seperate area of the tent, another taken out seam although this one did at least have tape behind it.


and some fantastic seaming here….. yes, a third seperate area!  and yes, that’s the fabric edge fraying away from the seam cos it hasn’t been properly done even though, once again, there has been a seam taken out and re-sewn.

And finally…

The groundsheet under the sleeping area which is delaminated already despite being pitched on a footprint groundsheet which has absolutely no damage to it whatsoever suggesting it wasn’t damaged by my pitching it on a stone or any other such valid reason for a groundsheet getting damaged. The Vango’s groundsheet (after 4 years of devil may care ptiching on all sorts of rough surfaces and having all sorts of wear and tear from camp chairs etc) is in better overall condition than this one which is showing signs of being about to delaminate all over the place after one use!!!!!

So it’s going back, it’s taken quite a while to dry it (did anyone notice the rain this week????) and it has to go back dry and packed up properly or they won’t accept it.  Although they like you to pack it so that the fault is easily visible – no mean feat when htere are 4 seperate faults in 4 seperate areas of the tent, hence photographs!   Of course, in the mean time the nice little Khyam is sold out so that option is no longer open to us unless we wait for new stocks next spring which won’t be discounted like it was when I pointed it out to him.  Or of course, we could buy a couple of the outwell pop up tents for the same money…..


2 Responses to “what happens when you get pressured into buying….”

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    grrr for you. glad they will take it back, but it is clearly not fit for purpose. i am strongly considering a vango sgima 400+. you can’t stand in it of course, but i reckn it would be quick to put up, and stand up to anything

  2. T-Bird Anni Rides Again :: trying to catch up (so fetch a cuppa and get comfy, this could take a while!) :: October :: 2008 Says:

    […] a new "weekender" tent, used it once and taken it back (full story on ranty blog)  It was a really great design, a lot of features you don’t get on cheap tents  – […]

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