is it really so hard to work this out?


if someone is sat at a PC with several books open, a barely filled in mind map on the screen and a pencil in hand are they there to have a nice chat with you or are they there trying to do some task or other?  Duke, it would appear, can’t really work this one out.  My 7 year old can but I don’t think it’s fair to spend all day ignoring her education just for the sake of mine whereas I did think it may be okay to spend a few hours now that there is an alternative parent at home to entertain the already educated for the day child.  Seems he’d rather chat about nothing very much with me rather than interact with his child.  Mind you, now that he’s totally broken my concentration he’s buggered off.


One Response to “is it really so hard to work this out?”

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    ahh. good luck with the rest of the assignment

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