who on earth text messages home phones?????


cos when I find out who it is I’m gonna wring their neck….

picture the scene… It’s just past 7:30 am, the time your other half goes off to work. You’ve had a disturbed night with a small sad child (who had a bad dream) and then struggled to get back to sleep because of a husband who doesn’t quite understand the concept of early nights and who snores like a freight train when he’s too tired. The phone rings and you shoot out of bed like a scalded cat thinking that any phone call this early in the morning has got to be an emergency (cos even your mother in law doesn’t phone this early….) You pick it up to hear some metallic voice telling you that you have a text message, reels off the number it’s from too quickly for most of it to register with your half asleep brain (not that I can recognise mobile phone numbers but at least if it had been slower I may have been able to scrawl it on a bit of paper) and then reads out the text which is from someone wanting a phone number off Other Half. And then, to cap it all, even though I hit the save button not the delete button, the damned thing didn’t save so I can’t even play it back to attempt to write the sodding phone number down 😡

I do not condiser this to be a good start to a morning you know. 😈


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