did I mention how much I HATE VISTA!


We hae 2 microscopes in our house, one is the Intel Play which requires a PC in order to function and the other is one from Lidl which will work on it’s own but obviously if you can play with the images on a PC it’s much more fun.  Aprilia found a bit of butterfly wing this morning (our Might Hunter being rather too adept at catching butterflys if a little crap at catching mice!) and wanted to look at it.  She finds focusing down the normal microscope a bit too hard (it is a bit of a skill) and anyway, we really needed the facility to light from the top as it’s too thick for light to really shine through properly so I said I’d install the Play on my PC and we could have a good look.  There is no Vista Driver for it and not only that, it won’t install in “incompatible mode” (and yes I know that’s not its real name but I do feel it’s closer to the truth)  So that will need installing on the one remaining “old fashioned” XP machine in the house but never mind thought I, you can top light the normal microscope and that does come with a connector to run through the PC too, I’ll install taht shall I?  No I won’t cos taht won’t run in Vista either.

So that’s my Palm PDA, my camera dock, my old scanner, most of her games…. I know it will get better in time but what the **** is wrong with actually releasing a product that works properly straight away for goodness sake!!!


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