petty humph!


I want to start getting stuff ready for camp which is next Saturday, I know i@m getting all previous here but I’d rather know in advance if I don’t have enough of anything seeing as I’m restricted to guiding colours.  This requires me being able to reach into my clothes shelves which shouldn’t be a problem apart from a small matter….. so in a fit of utter temper I’ve just thrown anything that isn’t mine over in front of “his” side of the shelving and topped it off with the winter duvet which I can’t put away because his stereo is where it should be and he can’t decide what to do with it (it was in his office until the Great Office Make Over but he doesn’t seem to have space for 80% of what he took out of there now……)  It’s taken me over half an hour and now I’m all hot and sweaty and grumpy!

And to make it worse I didn’t realise my MOT has expired (the garage send Duke reminders for his car but somehow not for mine, much to their confusion as well as mine!)  so I couldn’t tax the car and now I can’t use it til Monday when I take it to be done.  Which means my planned afternoon at Ikea getting some  dirt cheap fabric to trial my Kung Fu suit pattern (I’ve adapted a lady’s suit pattern but I need to know ti’s right before using better fabric)  is messed up too and I just don’t fancy trialing it in velvet (curtaining!) or fleece which are the only things I have enough of in stock. Humph!


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