“caring for people in crisis”


used to be the tag line for a certain organisation that Duke works for.  But they dropped it because it didn’t fit their remit anymore.  And now I see why.  It is, aparently, not acceptable for Duke to work for them anymore as (horror of horrors) he can’t do the last 2 hours of the shift as he has to go to his day job.  Instead he has an arrangement with 3 other collegues that they take it in turns to work the last 2 hours and in return they save taht “debt” up until they want a half night off or whatever and Duke does it for them.  So everyone works the right hours.  But if you are a dim witted cow sitting in a nice office, working 7 hour days on more damned near three times the salary of the poor buggers who  actually go out there for 14 hour shifts at night with an hell of a lot extra training that you need to push paper and ignore e-mails then it’s not fair that you aren’t completing your shift.  So would you like to give up your day job please.  Because, of course, this contract is for 3 months and it’s almost certain there will be another 3 months after that one and we are quite hopeful to get the full 3 year contract when that is offered so taht’s a secure job isn’t it.  And you can make up the money you lose by jacking in your other crappily paid job by working for the same caring organisation at Oulton for £30 a day (which works out at less than minimum wage but as it’s an allowance not a wage it’s okay)

So he informed them that he would be leaving their employment as from March. leaving them to fill not just the 2 hours at the end of his shift but his full 14 hour shift 3 or 4 days each week (and they struggle to cover holiday and sickness as it is) and leaves us back on half the money again but because Tax Credits are calculated on your last year’s wages until they get their head around your sudden drop in money we shall be a bit skint again.



One Response to ““caring for people in crisis””

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    hugs. really sory it hasn’t continued to work out, and for such a silly reason.

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