The light at the end of the tunnel….


…. is some ***** with a torch come to laugh at us.

Duke’s CV got sent to a company who were after someone “just like him” and who were offering a starting salary of £18k plus car.  They took on one of the other lads he worked with a few months ago and he recomended Duke (as Duke taught him most of what he knew)  Trouble is we live too far away.  But, naturally, they will keep his details at the top of the pile for our area and as soon as a post is available he’s right at the top of the shortlist.

and then there’s the Red Cross work.  Duke’s been pointing out that the working time directive is being violated by the fact taht staff are working  14 hour shifts overnight for 2 or 3 consecutive nights meaning that not only are they working more than the allowed 12 hours in a single shift but they aren’t getting the required minimum of 11 hours off in between.  He’s been ignored but sadly they have now remembered that he has a day job and they need to talk to him about it (which of course serves him right for not keeping his head down and blending in with the scenery…..) and we are expecting them to throw the working time directive back in his face by pointing out that working 2 jobs both of 36+ hours a week takes him over the allowed weekly hours (which is 60, unless you are superhuman and qualify as a doctor at which point you are capable of working 60 hours a day…..)

I’m vaguely hoping they will just offer him reduced hours or something but I can’t see it.  They have got what they wanted from him (all the information they needed to set up the service in the first place on the offer of a management role once it got going….. need I say the management role went to someone already at Branch whose contract was coming to an end?) so tehy can just throw him away like everyone else does now can’t they.


5 Responses to “The light at the end of the tunnel….”

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    i have opted out of the european working time directive – entirely ‘voluntary’ of course. but hugs and aargh.

  2. jax Says:

    yes, everyone at my place ‘voluntarily’ opts out of the working time directive during induction… handy, isn’t it?

  3. HelenHaricot Says:

    i hope it has all gone OK?

  4. HelenHaricot Says:

    no., i’ve forgotten it again – sorry [mums name]

  5. Nic Says:

    Yep me too – please can you send it me? x

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