This kitchen will be the death of me


having negociated getting rid of the kitchen that’s been taking up all the space in the garage for months, I got a “bite” from Freecycle almost right away.  The chap would come this evening, with a van, adn would take the lot, use what was needed for their kitchen then pass on the rest.  Great says I!  Asked Duke to get the bits that were too heavy for me to shift our to the front, however, he needed to give his mate a lift home (20 minutes each way) then had to bolt his tea as he’s working this evening.  He did it with bad grace, in his working uniform thus making it my fault that his overall was grotty (no s**t Sherlock – it’s been in a dirty garage for months, it’s not going to be clean is it?)

Anyway.  Blokey arrives, loads up most of the wall units, couple of base units adn ALL the drawers, heads off with an “I’ll be back later for the rest” and dissapears into the night leaving me with 2 worktops, a sink, an electric oven and a gas hob on my front lawn (and 2 more base units in the garage)  Over an hour later he phones to say it’s not going to work the way he planned so he’ll not bother coming for the rest and will just skip what he’s collected.  I asked him if he couldn’t just re-offer what he’s got on Freecycle as he has a fair chunk of very good quality kitchen adn if anyone wants the last bits they can come and get them from me.  No, that’s too much like effort, he’ll just take the van to the tip tomorrow.

So I am left with 2 useless bsae unit carcasses wtihout drawers, and they were expensive ones so it’s not like you could just go to B&Q and get replacement ones which I will now have to take to the tip and an oven taht we no longer have the proper heat insulated unit to slot into even if we wanted to use it which, of course, if it rains before Duke gets in from work tomorrow will be academic anyway what with water and electricals not being a good mix.

I had another person express interest, however she only wanted the drawer fronts and teh cupboard doors.  What gives??  What on earth did she think I would do with a load of stuff without the fronts?  Oh yeh, skip it.


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