food cost rant


Okay, there’s been a thread on a home ed forum about how we should all be ashamed to even consider eating food taht has traveled further than our own backyards adn how it doens’t cost much more to eat locally grown organic stuff (and heaven forfend we should want to eat meat…. well, okay, that’s another issue entirely, anyone willing to force feed my husband vegetables is welcome to try, in the mean time I’ll stick with chicken nuggets as his staple protien source okay?) One of the poor, poverty stricken dears who is coming over all virtuous about managing to eat virtuously posted this

The average salary in these parts is £15-20k, with the top end of that being for the shiftworkers in the local factories. We’re lucky in that hubby earns a good salary and above average for this area.

There’s nothing to prioritise with though. The bills are paid, and we’re eating better than those who fill their trollies with ready-meals and processed junk.

Aw gee, honey, if my husband earned “above the average for this area” we could bloody well afford to not have to prioritise where they money went and eat better stuff too. In the mean time it’s SmartPrice fish cakes at 50p for 10 (that’s 2 meals for 3 of us when you add in some spuds and a can of 7p beans) and whatever other dreadfully un-ethical crap we can afford in those evil, farmer-killing supermarkets really isn’t it.


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