what price a free kitchen? (edited for result…)


several months ago Duke bagged a kitchen from freecyle. Sinec then it’s been in the garage taking up spaec that should hlod things like the tent, all the camp stuff, my bike, her bike (strangely his bike seems to still fit in) etc. He thinks he may get round to fitting it soon only….

We need to buy worktop (4 pieces at a minimum of £27 a piece)

We need to buy the router to cut the work top (£200)

We need to buy the jig that provides the pattern for the router to cut round for corners (£90)
We need to buy a new cooker extractor thing becuase the one that came with the free kitchen got left out in the rain and has de-laminated (but it was no good to start with aparently so taht’s okay) Obvioulsy then it won’t match in with the rest of the stuff so….
We need to get new fronts for the whole lot at God knows what price (well, some of the doors are a bit tatty what with it being second hand anyway)

I need to empty the kitchen out totally so he can work
I need to empty and learn to live without the shelves at the back of the current worktop where my craft stuff goes because modern worktop is deeper than 1960s stuff and we can’t lose space off the kitchen side, it has to come from the other side.

Whilst we are at it, he wants more space in the garage so he can have a sideline repairing printers so

we need to get a small tool store for the front for Aprilia’s bike to make it esay for her to access it (and get it out of the downstairs bathroom) at £100

and a bigger one for our bikes, the chimenea etc at the back for £200 to give him space in his garage.

That’s alongside the room he has in the house full of his crap, all the stuff in our bedroom and the overspill in the living room. But it was fine for me to run a business out of the corner of the bedroom and the dining bit of the kitchen and it’s fine for me to lose half of the shelving I keep my and Aprilia’s craft things on because we can just put it all on my sewing shelves cos I don’t really need more than 1 little area do I?

Can I freecycle him?

Edited to add…

Having now presented him with this information….. we are freecycling the kitchen!!!!!!


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