who to believe


Duke is all excited about the tender that the RedX are putting in for local hosp work.  They are doing it currently on a temp contract until the new tender is awarded early next year.  Thing is, they are doing it on behalf of another company who currently do the daytime stuff but don’t have the resources to do nights just yet.  Duke is deeply confident that the RedX will get the contract and that he will get a managerial slot.  Harley is just as deeply confident that the other mob (who pay less and therefore can charge less) will get it as they have til next year to recruit the extra staff adn get stuff in place to do it all.

And me?  Really i don’t know that I care.  The money is nice, can’t deny that but we managed before (so long as I kept hold of the purse strings not him)  What I do truely hope is that no one is stupid enough to offer him a management role.  This guy can’t manage his own life, has no concept of time, deadline or budget, no idea how to priorities stuff, reads his own interpretation (usually a rosy one) onto any document and has shown himself time and again within the RedX to be useless at any responsibility (the vehicles had no MOTs when he was transport officer, he took the wheels off one of them to paint them and didn’t check if it was needed for any duties, it was and the poor sods were left very embarrassed without a vehicle….)  He’s all excited that now he is staff not a volenteer he can go on all sorts of extra courses like advanced driving and driving instructor (not for getting a licence but for the extra bits involved in driving the ambi) but he can’t drive my car without grinding all the teeth off the gears (then remarking that Toyota gearboxes are crap – funny cos I’ve never crunched a gear from day 1) so if anyone passes him on that I’ll personally go and feed a Bonio to their guide dog.   He’ll be bloody insuferable if he does get on one of those courses, no doubt imparting his wisdom to me at any oportunity (and he can bloody well walk home if he does too…) and saying it was exam nerves if he cocks up, just like it is every time he cocks up an assessment.  And yes, I know I have also cocked up assessments but that was on a day when 50% of the course failed due to the attitudes of the examiners which I will admit got to me and made me doubt everything I knew (thus do nothing and fail – won’t make that mistake again in a hurry)


3 Responses to “who to believe”

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    so what should i be hoping for? and i’ll hope for that

  2. tbirdscraftyblog Says:

    You know what? I have no idea what to hope for. Obviously it can’t carry on this way, him doing 2 jobs, it’s just stupid, but Fiscal Policy is a bit shady round here and £12k is not a lot of a wage for a married man (that’s what he’s on at his day job) so it needs topping up somehow.

    I think hoping for 1 job that he can hold down safely taht will pay enough is a good start really

  3. HelenHaricot Says:

    ok. will do that

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