yo yo s have less ups and downs than me


not so much of a vent as a fizzle really.  Just don’t want to sully my main blog with me whinging.  I just can’t get on an even keel.  Getting the new PC was supposed to make stuff easier but all ti’s doing is making me have to work out where everything is, how it works and if it’s useful.  The upheaval of getting ready for it, installing it etc has knocked me sideways in a way I’d just not expected.  the stupid stress of not beig able to write my last essay has totally destroyed all the confidence that ws slowly getting built up by doing well in this course.  If I can’t write this esay I can’t write a full third of my final exam meaning I can’t pass it.  If I can’t pass it the whole year has been a total waste of time and effort.  Just at this point I don’t even know why I want to carry on with it.  Life would be easier without.  I could phone my tutor butr I know I’ll just cry down teh phone at her, I’ve spnet most of today sat outside at work trying to avoid talking to anyone because I’ve just been too wobbly to hold it all together.  My house is a mess, the washing is sky high, as is the clean but can’t be aresed to put it away pile.  Duke doesn’t appaer to give a     .  Aprilia is doing the emotional barometer thing.  Lola did the “I could be doing something more important today” when seh picked up Aprilia and aparently left her watching films all afternoon as she had Important Paperwork to do.  Which makes me feel so godd about having been out all day earning the grand total of £45 before the tax man has a cut.  What’s the point?


3 Responses to “yo yo s have less ups and downs than me”

  1. HelenHaricot Says:

    hugs.bit late,but cry down the phone to your tutor. always worth it. say its been a disaster. can you have an extension/help/whatever. she WILL be sympathetic. maybe helpyou with the main themes ofthat essay that you can use to pin something on for the exam. it has been a challengingcourse. fairly certain i couldn’t doit. you’ve done somuchthough, thatyou should beg and grovelfor all help to get that exam [my space barbuggered btw]

  2. HelenHaricot Says:

    and more hugs incase youmissed the first

  3. tbirdscraftyblog Says:


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