Happy Birthday to me? Yeh right


Now, to be fair, I don’t expect a lot for the day.  We went out last week for pictures and a meal and I already had my pressie (chosen by me for me but in theory it’s “from” Duke)  A card would have been nice though, or even a greeting of Happy Birthday when he got in from work.  “Oh b*gger, I forgot” just doesn’t cut the mustard you know 🙄  So to “make up for it” he decided we would go for a meal after I ‘d finished packing the (clean and re-waterproofed) tent away.  Where I wanted to go was shut for re-furb.  Therefore every other diner on the place was jammed full.  We ended up at Burger King.  I don’t even like Burger King but it was open, didn’t have a waiting list and I was too hungry to care.  Then we trailed over to the bookshop for him to browse magasines whilst I delt with a tired and bored child.  Oh boy I know how to live it up on my birthday.


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