one of *those* weeks


You know sometimes there are minor anoyances that really don’t matter, they happen, you spit, then you move on. Sometimes they all happen at once though…..

On Monday I went to run the dishwasher, emptied out all the stuff I had loaded in on FRIDAY before heading out for the weekend and found most of it hadn’t washed properly. So i put the stuff taht had dried on bits in the sink to soak, re-loaded and set it going. Strange noises ensued. Nothing got particularly clean. I checked nothing was jamming the rota, checked the gunge trap was clear and tried again. Same deal. Ah well, after 10 years it’s going to expire really isn’t it. So we hoofed off to Currys to look at new ones.

I went with a strict budget in mind and criteria taht it needed to have plus a few bits I would like it to have. Somehow I ended up pressured into spending a fraction over budget but getting a good take-it-home-right-now deal on a shop return which had been checked by an engineer as no fault found.

As we got home, Duke got a call for work so off he shot leaving me with the job of clearing all his crap from the hallway which I’ve been asking him to deal with for months to make it possible to get the machine in. And dragging the washing macchine out to access the water supply so I could unplug the old dishwasher. And shifting the old dishwasher ready for the new one to go in.

he got home at 10pm, fetched the machine as far as the hallway then abandoned it in favour of some PC time. Would have taken 5 minutes to finish the job but ah well.

So Tuesday morning I shove it into the kitchen but can’t lift it into place but at least I can get in and out of the rooms without falling over a dishwasher. Tuesday evening he comes home and puts it in place adn I set a wash going with no dishes in just to rinse out that new plastic smell. Five minutes later the kitchen is flooded, it would appear the engineer lied when he said no fault found, or at least he lied about looking for one.

Meanwhile on Tuesday morning I spent several hours collecting waht should have been 4 boxs of stuff taht turned into 6 boxs of stuff for Rainbows. I was expecting a quick grab and run but instead got a guided tour of each box and a blow by blow of how she did things.  As I already know the format and as she didn’t do a lot of what she’s supposed to do anyway that wasn’t all taht iluminating.

After a quick lunch it was off to collect my training pack for being a Rainbow leader which was another few hours but I’d expected that one to be longer so it wasn’t too bad. Mind you the response of “You’re dyslexic, oh, I am sorry” with big sympathetic looks got right up my nose….

That brings us to Wednesday so taht would be Duke’s eye test, a trip to the pictures and the PC delivery…. the delivery was booked for 10am and hey presto he arrived pretty much on the dot. Opened up all my exciting boxs, had them all put in place and plugged in and off he went leaving me to sort out internet access and plug in evreything else. He was allotted up to 2 hours, he was there for less than half an hour. Good job I know how to do that lot really – this company specialises in PC equipment for disabled students, how would it be if I was physically disabled? Hopefully there would have been a bit more consideration!  Think I’ve worked out how most of it works now so alls well that ends well and all that but still I’m in an irritated sort of mood and that doesn’t help.

Duke got back from town without glasses as he didn’t want to waste any more time, he needed to wait an hour for them to be made up but he wsnt going to waste his day off…. So off we go to Cheshire Oaks without checking film times let alone booking.

Had lunch at TGIs but denied pud as Duke was full (but promised me we could have coffee and cake later)  Got to the cinema and joined the huge queues to gte tickets or popcorn – it’s all sold from the same place until eveningtime for some reason, just another reason to book online really.  Eventually got tickets but had 2 hours to kill (hah, no chellenge! we are at an outlet mall for goodness sake!) then back to the cinema just on time.

Now, I can stand a few ads here and there, I know that’s how these places make their money but I did feel that over half an hour of solid advertising – a mixture of trailers for other films and “buy our product and you will be wonderful” – was taking it somewhat too far.  But anyway, Harry Potter 5 was okay, not spectacular and definitely lacking in about 50% of the storyline but okay.

But the coffee shops are all closed by 8pm leaving me without my coffee and cake….. good job Asda is on the way home really!

And so we get to today (Thursday)  Having confirmed what I already suspected about Linux drives not being able to be seen by Windoze PCs, Duke had reassembled my old PC so that I could back everything up off it onto a DVD which is what I’d asked him to do on Monday and Tuesday whilst I was trying to get everything else done.  Took about an hour to write to DVD as it’s an old slow writer but tis done and I now have documents, addresses, bookmarks and a print off of my passwords.  I also have a back up of everything on DVD which is something I really ought to do more often (oops)

Then I had to go into town to grab Duke’s specs.  They were a bit reticent to hand them over to me because they need fitting to his face but that’s his problem really.

Got home to be greeted by the bloke who washes wheelie bins asking for money.  We don’t have ours done, I don’t see the point in paying someone £3 to hose out my bin – I only put rubbish in it for goodness sake!  He’d done ours for some reason and wanted paying for it.  I pointed out that, as I’d not asked him to do it, he could go whistle.  He saw my point (or decided I had that mad woman look in my eye and decided not to push it)

Tomorrow I am waiting in all day for a new dishwasher.  Duke is supposed to have disconnected it all adn slid it out to make it easier to remove.  Instead he got in from work late having called at Lidl on the way to buy more crap (why exactly does he need a watch that monitors his heart rate anyway?), watched TV then went out on a call.

To cap it all I am missing my baby so much it hurts.  She will get home tomorrow less than an hour before I leave for work.  I’m tempted to take her with me for an hour or so and getting Duke to come and get her later but somehow I don’t think taht would be allowed.


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    and i do know the trauma of empty arms

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