the original wicked stepmother?


having just spent a lovely (yeh right) day with my dearest mother I feel the need…..

Glossing over the fact that she only invited me over as she needed help on the PC and wants me to sew some backing on some tapestries she’s done, she’s also been telling blatant lies to me.  Not over anything major, well, she obviously doesn’t think it’s major anyway, but over the minor issue of me asking “do you have de-caff?” and her saying “oh yes” then serving up full caff.  Always wondered why I never slept properly (and felt edgy) every time I went there, now I know.  Now, 1 or maybe even 2 cups of coffee I can just about tolerate as long as it’s early enough in the day to be through my system.  Much more and I don’t sleep well (likewise 1 cup much after 4pm disturbs my sleep).  More than that gives me a very erratic heartbeat, makes me savagely bad tempered and keeps me wide awake all night.  So I’m touchy about it really.

Grrrrr!  Makes me wonder if the jelly they give Becca has aspartame in it as that obviously doesn’t matter either… she’s always high when she comes back from them but then I’ve put it down to excitement.


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