it’s a sad thing but I’ve read a few bits on blogs tonight and ended up feeling profoundly jealous of happy, loving couples who may not have a life they want or deserve but have each other and are willing to say so.  My wedding day was such a happy day and I felt so excited about my new life.  Now I feel short changed.  Sleeping on the sofa just now as I can’t bear to hear him snoring, I need my sleep to keep even tempered with him and the temptation to thump him when he wakes me up it just too great.


4 Responses to “jealousy”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Oh, I so know what you mean, Katy.

  2. HelenJ Says:

    but even happy to stand out and say happy aren’t perfect. I’m not perfect wife, and chris not perfect husband. He nearly dies periodically at night for snoring while I am still awake, and during the day for sundry small ‘crimes’. he is still the man I expected him to be, warts and all as it were. we have rougher and smoother patches – often tied to how stressed I am. but yes, he meakes me 90% of the time happy and I wouldn’t swap him – though a bit of remodleing occasionally…

  3. HelenJ Says:

    hmm, that doesn’t sound right now i’ve hit submit! was supposed to be on lines of, If we are one of those, yes we are happy and stronger than a unit, but not necessarily any more ‘perfect’

  4. t-bird Says:

    Actually it did read right I think Helen and I know what you mean. I’ve never claimed to be rational in my grumpiness about it all and I don’t think for a minute that everyone else but me has this perfect life and perfect partner etc but sometimes it *feels* like everyone but me is blissfully married….. sigh, I know, get a life 😉

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