next year aparently it will all be okay


he will have his high paid job, be able to call the shots on when and where he works, will be at home more, will have a nice big shiny car and I can have a nice new car as well (as long as it's one he likes naturally)

In teh mean time I'd like to go camping without him please.  Camping with just me and dd is easy.  We can put all the seats down in the back and just load it up any old how knowing that dd is safe from having stuff fall on her.  I can cater for the pair of us with simple cheap food like super noodles (hey, I said cheap not healthy okay!) with added onion etc for a token nod at a veg portion.  We can have baked beans and hot dogs, spagetti and hot dogs…. simple easy stuff.  Not buggerlugs though.  he wants us to take extra stuff (TV, BBQ, laptop etc) so not only is there less space in the car due to having him there, we are carrying more crap too.  Oh but it's okay, we can leave teh portapotti behind, we don't need that do we?  We don't need a fucking TV is what we don't need!  I'm not convinced we need a BBQ either, or you for that matter but it's okay because next year we will be in the mythical wonderful car and it will cope so much better with it all.  Yeh right. 


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