you have 1 small child in need of holes drilling in the handlebar ends of her new bike for tassly bits to be inserted

you have a garage in need of serious sorting out

you have a wife too **** short to reach the roof of her car to wash it properly, and it *needs* washing
you also have an ambulance that is vaguely grubby but not really bad

you have a boss who has worked out how to get you to do anything he wants (free)

you have message groups you need to peruse in case anyone has posted anything funny 

So, what is your priority?  

Well obviously child and wife can wait, they will always be there, but no, child is now sobbing desperately that you promised to make the holes for her tassly bits 2 days ago.  you do it with very bad grace making it clear you have other things you need to do.  Then you mop out the back of the ambi and complain that wife's chosen mix of soapy water in a spray bottle for mopping is too soapy đŸ™„  Then it's an hour's PC time whilst you wind down from your day's work (hey, wifey doesn't work, why would she need 5 minutes peace before dd goes to bed?)  Then just as the bedtime hour draws to a close, and knowing that child needs a hot bath and an early night you hoof off for a shower, use the towel wifey has put on the radiator for child (leaving it wet on the end of the bed naturally) and forget to shift the shower curtain out of the bath before graciously deigning to run bath for child.   Then you go fix boss's PC in wife's car without even asking if it was okay.  Actually it's not okay, I'm now at home without transport so if your precious progeny takes ill I'll have to phone round for someone to take us to the out of hours service or hope taxis take cheques.  I know she's not likely to take ill, she has the constitution of a ox but that's just not the point is it?

And of course, seeing as you are out playing all weekend I needed to have gone shopping today (even though we have enough bread and milk for 2 more days at least) so that you have nice treats in your snack box.  Bad wifey.  There's biscuits in the tin.  Home made by your dd.  Sliced bread is cheaper than buns.  Go get a life, no wait, you have one, go get one suitable to your position in life. 


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