Remind me who he married


cos I’m beginning to think it wasn’t me. Or at least he’s not quite got this family first idea yet at any rate. Let’s forget all the going to Oulton week in week out regardless of what me and dd want to do and the spending hours every week at E-zec filling in his time sheet (or not as the case may be) This one really stumped me.

His mate (who I really thing is a little odd to say the least) bought a sat nav system. It has ceased to work. I can sympathise with that, mine did too. But here’s where it all changes. I sorted mine out myself. I did all the trying to re-set it, e-mailing repeatedly to try and shake a reply out of them, ranting, demanding service, parcelling etc. Tim took this blokes sat nav to look at and see what he could do, then found out how to return it for him, found a box for him (he didn’t keep the one it came in) found bubble wrap, brought it home and left it in the middle of the kitchen work surface with the documentation as a hint for me to package it. I moved it. He put it back….. I expressed my dislike for grubby boxs on my clean kitchen work surface and pointed out that it wouldn’t look so good splattered in cake mix if dd got busy in the kitchen. So he packs it up and asks when I’m going to be in so he can organise a courier. PARDON??????????? I am going to sit in waiting for a courier for someone else’s goods? Erm, no. Sorry. Might do it for his stuff if he asked rather than assumed but for someone else? Sorry let him sort his own life out for a change. So then he spent half an hour on our phone bill trying to find out if there was any local depot he could take it to. Or could they pick it up from where he works (hey, why not have it picked up from where the item’s owner works???) and fianlly arranges to have it collected from here after 4pm so he will be in the house to deal with it. Which is why I was got out of bed on my “day off” to answer the phone to UPS asking if they could collect it earlier this afternoon. I will actually be out but FFS this guy was insistant, could I not make arrangements for someone to be there (no) could I leave it ourside for the courier to collect (£300 of kit? Yeh, sure, will you pay if it gets nicked?) was there no way I could re-schedule to be in (NO) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Now of course I get this feeling that once the bloody thing has been fixed ti’s going to be delivered back here and I’m going to end up going through teh same bloody hoops again of “can you stay in on such a day to recieve this parcel”

Did just occur to me though, Tim’s mum only ever goes out on Wednesdays, she’s in the rest of the week, he cna ask her next time.

and it just keeps coming… and they have just phoned back, can they pick up tomorrow instead. They are struggling and with this being a residential address surely someone can be in…. they make allowances for businesses aparently.


5 Responses to “Remind me who he married”

  1. Merry Says:

    I don’t quite know how i ended up at this blog, i didn’t know it existed.

    I just want to say that i’m sorry you are so down and that marriage isn’t feeling like any sort of haven at the moment.

    I don’t think the Christian Thing has much to do with it – he is taking the biscuit and not loving, honouring and respecting you. The Bible is pretty clear on the role of men too and it is as provider and protector.

    I know how hard it is to talk about this stuff when it delves into the very heart of a relationship – Max and i have spent a year or so not discussing vital stuff, but at the end of the day it is only part of our life, not the fabric of it, which needs opening up about.

    My only suggestion is to print all this out, give it to him and send him to his mum for a few days to mull it over.

    Huge hugs though ((((Katy))))

  2. bitchingblog Says:

    Thanks Merry.

    I started thsi blog to keep the main one clear of this crap really. I sort of felt the main one was being taken over from it’s main purpose. I think I linked it from the side bar of the main one but knowing me I probably didn’t (see? I know my faults 😉 )

    You are right though, hte Christian part is irrelevent, just that I bared my soul on a Christian ladies group asking for support to keep the marriage alive and got “you need to submit, you will feel much happier then” and other such crap. He isn’t a Christian so his side of the vows are meaningless to him.

    his mum wouldn’t have him by the way, his old bedroom is her sewing den now 😀

  3. Merry Says:

    Submit my a*se

  4. HelenHaricot Says:

    luckilly I get to skip the whole submissive wife thing and cut to the chase.
    marriage is supposed to be a 2 way sharing and caring. Not equal in all places – as lets face it, none of us is perfect, but in an on bvalance kind of way.
    I sometimes feel the balance isn/t there, but looking at your blog, I’m sure it isn’t there.
    I think you need to remind him of his prime responsibilities – you and B, and remind him that there may come a point where this way is no lnger better than giving it up and trying something else.
    Where does he want to start.
    showing him the blog may be good.

  5. bitchingblog Says:

    Thanks for the support ladies.

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