maybe it does grow on trees after all then


cos I sure as hell don’t know where he thinks money magically appears from if he’s not found a money tree. He needs new tyres for his car, hardly surpriseing considering he spins the damned things off most junctions.  So I inform him it will have to wait until pay day (some time in the last week of the month) and he can use my car if he needs to.

Well, guess what?  He’s seen a “bargain” on EBay and just had to bid on it.  4 wheels with good tyres for £60, auction ends tomorrow.

That leaves me with £60 I don’t have to spend on such luxuries as food and the mortgage which also goes out in the last week of the month, sometimes before he’s paid, sometimes after.

Ah, what am I worrying about?  I mean £25 bank charges on top of the £60 for the tyres is still cheap isn’t it and who needs food anyway?


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